Graphic Design: Dunkin' Donuts Espresso Program

Added on by Trevor Fulmer.

For #TBT I am featuring my creative work for Dunkin' Donut's Espresso Education Program and Macchiato Launch. This campaign was developed to educate consumers on Dunkin's espresso beverage line-up.

Simple icons were created to inform patrons of 1) the type of ingredients and 2) the order of ingredients that are in each espresso beverage. On some creative executions, the icons were replaced with photographs, which helped visually depict the layers and emphasize appetite appeal.

The brown to beige color spectrum represented the beverages with no milk (darkest browns) to the beverages with mostly milk (light browns).

Besides developing the educational program look and feel, I was also responsible for art directing the photo shoot which featured the cappuccino, latte and new macchiato. The set was filled with dark rich tones and natural directional light that felt premium and authentic.

Photography by Jim Scherer. Set design by Verne Cordova. Food styling by Karen Tully and Kendra Smith. Art Direction by Trevor Fulmer.