Interior Design: Cape Cod Residence One

Added on by Trevor Fulmer.

When designing the interior of this home, I wanted to incorporate unique textures synonymous with Cape Cod - white-washed woods, breathable airy fabrics, seagrass materials, woven twine ropes and distressed driftwood accents.

The ocean-inspired color palette balanced hues of blue and white with accents of muted yellows and delicate pinks, making this interior feel soft, romantic and welcoming.

The furniture was selected for comfort, visual variety and spacial proportions. An eggshell linen-blended couch was paired with two navy Sunbrella® fabric chairs. A dark woven seagrass coffee table anchored the room, while a white-washed pinstripe bobbin chair added an approachable elegance.

The accent decor was a marriage of old and new - collected beach treasures, handcrafted model ships, vintage tide clocks, cherished American flags, ambience-setting floor lanterns, plush throw pillows and blue and white ceramic vases.

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Photography by Trevor Fulmer