JAWS-Themed Party

Added on by Trevor Fulmer.

"Get out of the water", it's time to plan the best JAWS®-themed party ever! Whether you're hosting a classy rehearsal dinner (like I did!) or planning a casual summer cocktail party, get inspired by the Great White! Just be sure to skip the shark fin soup!

Get creative with your decor! Blue hydrangeas, wooden sailboats and toy sharks create the perfect ocean-inspired centerpiece. Dune grass, driftwood, wax-dipped tweed ropes and wooden lanterns help refine the look and feel of your event. Don't forget the JAWS seating chart poster! Ours said, "Just when you thought it was safe to take your seats".

Your table settings can be just as creative! Fold your napkins in sail-inspired triangles, cut-out shark fin table numbers and place toy great white sharks at each seat.

Create playful names for signature cocktails. The "Sh-sh-shark & Stormy" is a guaranteed hit! Don't forget to garnish your drinks with gummy sharks.

Be inspired by famous JAWS® quotes and give them your own spin. The "You're gonna need a bigger plate" poster was placed at the front of our buffet line.

Nautical flag plates add one more level of detail that will make your guests "oooh" and "ahhhh".

Most importantly, surround yourself with the best shark-bait...ahem...loved ones.

Photo credit: Corinna Raznikov

Venue: Chatham Bars Inn - Boat House