Photography: Cranberry Scone

Added on by Trevor Fulmer.

Cranberry Scone Photo Shoot -

On a cold weekend morning, nothing tastes better than a cup of hot coffee and a freshly baked pastry or bread. This particular morning, I had a delicious crumbly cranberry scone.

When I photographed this scone, I wanted the set to feel fresh, inviting and authentic. In order to accomplish this, I used a large white diffuser which softened the natural outdoor light. After perfecting the highlights and shadows, I styled the set with a dark cutting board, white marble slab, red and white striped napkin (for softness), loose sugar, fresh and dried cranberries (to add texture, depth and color) and bowls and scoops to help tell the baking story. The scone's tip was torn to give the photo a casual feel and to highlight the soft airy interior.


Photography, food styling and prop styling by Trevor Fulmer.