Home Decor: Holiday Looks

Added on by Trevor Fulmer.

Home Decor: Holiday Looks

Living in the city with limited storage has it challenges, like where to store holiday decor after the season. This year I've decided to use all natural elements that can be composted or recycled - birch logs, fresh greenery, pine cones, branches and fresh fruit.


Birch Logs & Greenery: I arranged three 36" birch logs in a 18" x 5" glass cylinder and surrounded them with live greenery. This arrangement looks great in a foyer, living room or anywhere you have high ceilings!

Bar Greenery: I surrounded a chrome ice bucket with greenery and created small clusters of pine cones, oranges and cranberries around the bar top. To add visual interest throughout the entire cabinet, I filled some wine bottle openings with greenery and oranges. This is a great look if you're hosting a cocktail party!


Branches & Berries: I wrapped berry clusters around decorative branches and filled up a white rectangular vase with sand (for weight) and covered it with reindeer moss. To add a pop of color, I filled 3 vases with 1/2 cranberries and 1/2 water - the berries will float to the top. It's a home-sized cranberry bog!